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iStock has made a couple of awesome changes with its collections and pricing. The stock photo website has reduced its collection of images from four to two. In line with its subscription offers, it introduced the Essentials and Signature collection. This means that iStockphoto pricing is no longer based on size. Customers are able to choose any image size they need for the same prize. iStock has also been working on the possibility of upgrading resolutions.

Before we delve into the new istockphoto pricing, let us first walk down memory lane and learn about the Essentials and Signature collections once again. The Essentials Collection contain images that can be found in other stock photo websites as well. This means that images are not exclusive to iStock. On the other hand, the Signature Collection contains higher value images exclusive to the stock photo website, including the Signature+ and Vetta.

The Essentials collection provides the everyday images you need at 1 asset per credit. The Signature collection features millions of exclusive premium images for 3 credits per asset. If you wish to download images from both collections, you can get the Signature subscription and download images at the lowest price possible. But if you only need images from the Essentials collection, you can enjoy even lower prices with the Essentials subscription.

Less Credits, More Value

In line with the new iStockphoto pricing, the stock photo website also features a new credit system that raises the value of credits. In the new credit system, the base price to license images will be a single credit. It is in contrast with the current system that places 2 to 150 credits as the base price, depending on image size and collection. The base price will be $15 for small packages, while the larger packages will receive great discounts and will lower the price per credit at $8.


The package size has not been announced yet, but hints point to a single credit package which allows creative professionals like you to purchase a single image with no leftovers on your account. Currently, the single image purchase is still available with direct payment and the smallest credit package contains 3 credits for $33. The Signature Collection offers the best images that you cannot get from anywhere else, while the Essentials Collection offers the best value for tight budgets.

Should you get credits or subscriptions? Both allow you to explore millions of high quality images through simple iStockphoto pricing. If you have a one-off image needs, credits are the best option for you. If you have larger and more regular image needs, you will be able to save as much as 60% on images with a subscription. So, what are you waiting for? Get every image size for the same price with the new iStock pricing.


By Ken