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shutterstock-15-offShutterstock is one of the largest stock photo agencies in the market, but it certainly is not one of the cheapest. There are many reasons why the stock photo site is more costly than its other competitors. For one, it contains over 80 million stock images, graphics, videos and music in its library. Where else can you find a collection this vast? You will surely find everything you are looking for to jump-start your creative projects.

Shutterstock offers subscriptions and images on demand for every budget. Yes, that is true. However, creative professionals do not have the money to purchase them all the time. There are circumstances when a discount will greatly help bloggers, web designers and businesspersons with their creative works. This is where Shutterstock coupon codes become very important. They provide valuable discounts that will help the creative community save more.

How can you tell if the Shutterstock coupons are legit?


A number of scam sites that claim to offer coupons for Shutterstock are scattered around the Internet. They lure many creative professionals to their scheme by giving away codes as well. But, how can you tell if their codes are valid and active? Here are some red signs that a website is a scam:

  • It is not affiliated with Shutterstock. The safest place to get your coupons is from Shutterstock. However, if you are looking for a better discount, you may check out other websites as well. When choosing a website to get your codes from, find out if it is affiliated with your favored stock photo agency. Only affiliated sites are allowed to distribute coupon codes. If the site does not have a business relationship with Shutterstock, stay away.
  • It requires exchanges for the promo codes. A legit distributor of Shutterstock coupons does not ask for money, email or other personal details in exchange for the coupons. The coupon codes should be given away without fees or commitment. They are a way of telling customers how grateful the site is for making Shutterstock their primary image source.
  • It offers expired coupons. Generally, coupons have expiration dates. Check out if the coupons offered by the site are expired. Many scam sites offer expired coupons in exchange of something, leaving you less money and no active coupons.

shutterstock pricing

To address the issue of scam sites, only get your Shutterstock promo codes from lasting business partners of the stock photo agency. Do not waste your time and money on websites that claim to offer coupons but with no affiliation. Now that you are able to tell if coupons are valid or not, only get them from legit distributors. What are you waiting for? Get active coupon codes to avail significant discounts from your chosen Shutterstock plan now!

By Ken

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